Søren is here to help those who help the rest of us.

You work hard to complete your mission. It should be comforting to know we are just as committed to ours:

Soren Technology exists to serve mission-driven organizations by providing products and services which enable them to pursue their own missions more effectively and efficiently through the use of technology.

Our Motivation: We've Been There, Too

Soren was founded by a minister to help colleagues in ministry. We understand what it means to have a greater good than profit as your driving motivation.

We don't sell one-size-fits-all solutions. Every decision, from the platform we build with to the colors we use, is carefully considered to align with the personality and needs of your organization.
Strategic Alignment
We believe digital technology isn't just about telling people about what you do. It's also about doing what you do, and doing it better. So we design solutions that extend your work and ministry into the digital sphere.
You and your staff already have enough on your plate. We want to make your lives easier, not harder, so we always build with your needs and abilities in mind.
Ease of Use
If you can't keep your website up-to-date, it will quickly become irrelevant and even damaging to your organization. We intentionally choose platforms that are easy to use and offer training and support to make sure you are always on message.
Cost Savings
Developing a strategic plan for your technology and communications can help you eliminate redundant tools and focus your time, talent, and treasure on the things that really matters.

We believe in a resonance between community-driven technology and community-driven organizations

Web technology is defined by two key pillars:

First,  “social networking,” the creation of virtual communities both large and small that share common interests, values, and ideas.

Second, "open source," technology produced by communities of volunteers collaborating with one another for a common goal.

We believe that both of these concepts resonate deeply with the work of nonprofit organizations, faith communities, schools, and other organizations that put community first. And even more important: we believe that the values and ethos of community minded organizations can help shape the way we think about and use technology in the future. Businesses will always try to harness the newest technologies to further their bottom line. Wouldn't it be nice if innovation was driven not by profits but by a genuine desire to connect with one another and make the world a better place?

We believe that technology can advance your mission just as well as it can promote your brand

The business approach to web design and social media is all about marketing. Build a brand, get the name and logo in front of more customers, hope some of them land on your site and give you their email address.

Mission-driven organizations need to do some marketing and promotion. You need new donors, new church members, new advocates. So of course, that's important.

But what's missing from this equation is your actual mission. We believe that the interactive and collaborative technology that drives todays websites and social media platforms can do more than brand awareness: it can provide you with critical tools to make your organization more effective and efficient. So let's talk real strategy, not just marketing strategy. Let's talk about how to do your mission, not just tell people about it.

We believe that mission-driven organizations shouldn't be second-class citizens when it comes to technology

When we began working in the church and nonprofit technology space, we quickly started noticing two overwhelming trends:

First, the solutions that do exist for mission-driven organizations are generally inadequate. They are often lacking crucial features nonprofits need. Or, more often, they attempt to retro-fit business-model features to organizations that aren't driven by sales pipelines. They are frequently poor quality and buggy with terrible user interfaces that make it incredibly difficult for non-technical users to do anything. In short, they don't really work for anyone.

Second, most of these solutions are incredibly expensive! It makes sense to pay a quality sum for quality work. It doesn’t make sense to pay anything for a sub-par product that you aren’t going to use or will ditch in a few years for something else.

We can do better. We can make tools that actually meet the needs of mission-driven organizations. We can make tools for churches and nonprofits that actually work! And we can do it without compromising our values thanks to the power of community!

Our Services Include

Website Design
Get a new website and a new platform for serving your constituents online
Social Media Integration
Learn how to use social media to engage with users and expand your community into the virtual sphere.
Consultancy and Coaching
Develop strategies for using technology within your organization and get advice and help when you need it.
Superior Hosting
We are building a hosting network that is tailored specifically for the needs of our clients. Get more speed and stay on the cutting edge of technology without breaking the bank!
Staying on top of keeping your website up to date can be a lot of work. We can take a load off your shoulders by serving as your outsourced website specialists.
Popular Integrations
Connect the apps you already use and the ones you'd like to add to create a streamlined technology ecosystem.