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Recommended Tools Bundle from Soren|Boxing Day 2015

We hope everyone has had a beautiful Christmas celebration. To mark the occasion, we are excited to unveil our 2015 Bundle of Recommended Tools. This is a collection of apps and services we work with regularly and gladly recommend to you. Each of these recommended tools are affordable, some are even free. You can set any of them up yourself, but if you need or want our help we are glad to provide support getting these services up and running for you, integrating them into your website and social media pages, and providing ongoing technical support or coaching for your team. And in honor of it being Boxing Day, we’d like to offer a deal to our readers: anytime between now and epiphany, get half off on our set-up and website/social media integration of any one of these recommended tools, AND get a FREE 30-minute coaching session to learn how to better use our 2015 recommended tools for your organization. Just contact us before January 6 to claim your free session and discount on these services.

Recommended Tools

Email and Productivity Suite: Google for Work

2015 Recommended Tool for Email and Productivity: Google Apps for WorkWhy?

  • Standard setting, industry-best features for email, calendar, and document collaboration.
  • Get a full suite of productivity tools for each member of your staff.
  • Professional email addresses at your domain
  • 30GB of cloud storage per user

How Much? Standard account is $5/user/month (or $50/user/year if you sign up for an annual contract). Unlimited account, with even more features (such as user group access management for shared documents) and unlimited storage: $10/user/month (or $100/user/year with annual contract). Also, non-profits may qualify for free standard accounts, you can apply anytime for approval.

Get Set-Up by Soren: $25 (normally $50).
Ongoing Technical Support From Soren: $1/user/month

Electronic Giving and Crowd-Funding: ContinueToGive

2015 Recommneded Tool for Electronic Giving: ContinueToGiveWhy?

  • More ways to give than other services (in-person kiosk giving, texting, online, social, etc)
  • More competitive pricing thanks to different rates for eCheck v. Credit Card payments
  • Non-Profit verification process makes your donors more confident in their donations
  • Online giving profile/page makes it easy to customize what people are giving for (you can run multiple campaigns at a time)
  • Simple website, email, and social media integration (no coding required)

How Much? Plans start at $15/month + transaction fees

Get Set-Up by Soren: $25 (normally $50)
Integrate your Continue-To-Give Profile into your website and social media channels: $25 (normally $49)

E-Newsletters: MailChimp

2015 Recommended Tool for E-newsletters: MailChimpWhy?

  • Easy to use drag and drop email designer
  • Great analytics and tracking features
  • Powerful segmenting so you can send to exactly the right people
  • RSS integration so new posts on your site can be sent out automatically to your email lists
  • Free for lists of fewer than 2,000 subscribers

How much? Free if you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers. Paid plans start at $10/month

Get set-up by Soren: $25 (normally $49)
Integrate into your website and social media channels: $25 (normally $49)

Bonus Tools

2015 Recommended Tool for Note Taking: SimpleNoteNote-Taking: SimpleNote


  • Intuitive, simple interface gets rid of distractions
  • Syncs across all your devices
  • It’s free!

Download SimpleNote here and get started.

Brainstorming and Team Project Management: Trello

2015 Recommended Tool for Brainstorming and Planning: TrelloWhy?

  • It’s a digital form of a bulletin board – highly visual and intuitive
  • Multiple users can collaborate in real-time on a project
  • Great for planning an order of worship, organizing a whole season or year of themes and events, or brainstorming a curriculum or program idea
  • It’s free (paid upgrades do exist, but for most use cases you won’t need them)

Sign up for Trello free here.

Team Communications: Slack

2015 Recommended Tool for Team Communication: SlackWhy?

  • Faster than email and keeps everyone on your staff/leadership team more informed
  • Integrate with other tools so that notifications go here instead of your inbox (freeing up valuable email space)
  • Organize conversations topically using channels to keep communication more streamlined
  • Attach documents to messages
  • Fantastic search feature, even searches inside the text of attachments
  • Great free plan that will suit the needs of most churches

Sign up for Slack free here!

Bonus Boxing Day Gift: Get a free 30 minute coaching session to ask questions and better learn how to use any of these tools! Just email us by January 6 to set it up!

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