Our Story

Søren works with churches to develop websites and communication strategies. Our goal is to help our clients reach more people and be more effective in their ministries.

Our motivation is not really that much about business, or even technology. It’s largely theological.

Theological Commitments at Our Core

At Søren, we have a few theological commitments that guide the work we do with churches and nonprofit organizations.

Soren Media Group Founder Alex Floyd Marshall

Meet our founder: Alex Floyd Marshall has a M.Div. from Yale Divinity School and five years of experience in youth ministry. He currently serves as the Associate Pastor for Youth and Children at Saugatuck Church in Westport. You can read his blog at There And (Almost) Back Again.

First, we believe in the power of incarnational communication. The way we tell the story of God’s love for us should embody that love, not just describe it. We strive to help churches and nonprofits develop creative strategies for communicating. We think this has to be done very intentionally: the medium is part of the message.

Second, we believe that God’s love is embodied through community. In the church, we are invited to care for one another and learn from one another. Doing that requires developing meaningful relationships across our communities. Today’s technology, with a particular emphasis on “social networking” on both a large and small scale, gives us a great opportunity to extend our communities into the digital sphere so that they take root well beyond Sunday morning.

Finally, we believe that a loving, healthy, incarnational community puts a call on its members to engage in the work of the community together. We are all one body, as the Apostle Paul puts it. Working together as a team is important for living out the call of God on both our individual lives and the lives of our communities. At Søren, we work to help you inspire this belief in your own community through the use of empowering new technological tools for collaboration. But we don’t stop there, we also attempt to model this sort of collaboration by investing heavily in the use of “open source” technology: technology produced by communities of volunteers collaborating with one another for a common goal.

These three core commitments outline our new philosophy for church technology and communication: we want to help you develop communication strategies that embody the message you want to send, invite others into meaningful relationships, and call and empower others to join with you in the work that you do. This incarnational, social, collaborative model for communication in your ministry is the starting point for all the work we do.

The Need We See

Søren got started as a small business helping nearby churches create or update websites and effectively use social media.

We are still a small company, but our vision has changed because of the need we’ve encountered.

As we’ve explored more and more of the church technology industry, we’ve seen two overwhelming trends.

First, the solutions that do exist are generally inadequate. They are lacking crucial features or attempt to retro-fit business-model features to churches. They are poor quality and buggy. They have terrible user interfaces that make it incredibly difficult for non-technical users to do anything.

Second, most of these solutions are incredibly expensive! It makes sense to pay a quality sum for quality work. It doesn’t make sense to pay anything for a sub-par product that you aren’t going to use or will ditch in a few years for something else.

This need not be the case.

Our theological convictions deeply intertwine with the new possibilities technology is making possible. As the world is becoming more community-minded through social media and work is becoming more intentionally collaborative through a host of new technological tools, the church can offer a compelling theological framework for the world that reflects our already deeply held beliefs.

We believe that we can set the pace technologically as well.

The Roadmap Ahead – And How You Can Get Involved

Our vision is to help churches find better technological solutions to their problems. These solutions should be based on standards and practices that are driving new innovation. They should maybe even reflect new innovations and carve out new possibilities.

We are constantly generating new ideas. Check out our “Idea Board” on Trello to see what we’ve thought of and add your own ideas! If you know how to code and want to contribute to any of our projects, jump right in by forking us on GitHub!

And if you are interested in supporting what we’re doing as an investor, let us know! We’d love to talk with you!