Automate Common Tasks with IFTT

If you are responsible for communication strategy at a nonprofit organization, chances are you are pretty stretched for time. If you find yourself struggling to stay on top of all the sites you need to check for updates, social media feeds you need to manage, and general life stuff that somehow has to get done, we think you need to check out this tool: IFTT.

IFTT - If This Then ThatIFTT stands for “If This, Then That,” and that pretty much summarizes what it does. You connect web services through what they call an “applet.” Each applet has a trigger it watches for, such as a new contact being added on your phone. When that trigger happens, IFTT swings into action and the applet performs it’s “then that” portion: perhaps adding the same contact to your Google address book, for example.

Now there are two possible responses this might be triggering for you. First, you might be thinking “this sounds awesome. Let me at.” Second, you might be thinking “wow, it sounds like so much work to set up all the things I’m going to need this to do.”

Response 1: IFTT Sounds Awesome

If you are in the “this sounds awesome, let me at it” category, simply follow this link and exit here to get started. Bye now.

Response 2: How Am I Going to Have Time for This?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of needing to do all this setup, I suggest you start with something a little more guided. IFTT has created a curated gallery of “collections,” showcasing lots of applets you can enable. If you find one you fancy, they will quickly walk you through the setup process in just a few minutes.

What kinds of things can you do?

Well, if you work for a nonprofit that is at all connected to the political cycle, you might find this collection of applets for politics really helpful for staying on top of the news. And if you are an educator, these education-oriented applets might come in handy. They’ve also got a collection of 15 general purpose applets to get you started and another general-purpose collection of the editor’s favorites.

Hopefully, you’ll find this tool useful at automating some of the day-to-day things we all have to do. If you come up with some creative uses for your setting, tell us about them. We’d love to hear!

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